Maxi dresses are a staple that belong in your wardrobe all year round. Here are our top outfit ideas for making this trend work for you in every season.

  • Summer
    A maxi dress can pretty much be left to its own devices in summer. Pair with a cute pair of sandals and oversized sunglasses for a daytime look or a pair of heels if you’re heading out at night. Don’t forget cute accessories (think: chunky bracelets and rings) and a leather handbag. 
  • Fall
    With the weather cooling down, all you’ll need to do is add a few extra items and you can keep your maxi in your wardrobe circuit. A cute cropped jacket and a pair of ankle boots will have your maxi ready for fall. 
  • Winter
    Make sure your maxi can survive through winter with the help of some extra accessories. Add a warm scarf and a knitted hat, stockings, knee-high boots and a trench. 
  • Spring
    The weather can be a little cooler in spring, with the warmth of summer finally in the air. Get your maxi spring ready with a cute colourful scarf or a lightweight cardigan.

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